ANP Updates

This is your yearly update :)

I was going to post a looooong status on Facebook but thought I'd just blog. Haven't updated you on LIFE in awhile!

To start, it's been a little over a YEAR since I graduated college. Time does fly fast. Since then, I've been living in Rochester on my own and it's been real awesome. Winter kind of came and went (some days it felt like years)! and summer is already here. so crazy.

i just had a double wedding weekend- my first! it was seriously a lot of fun. i love my friends so much. and i am honored to be a part of their day. we laughed, cried, and ate cake. it was a good time.

2014 was definitely a year to reflect on myself! i took a mini road trip in MN to visit friends and enjoy my own company. i think about that trip ALL the time. it was so freeing and relaxing. big thanks to courtney, jana, nikki, lisa, logan, and new friends I made along the way <3

not only did i reflect on myself but i reflected on my business-- still weird to say i have my own business. i jotted down a lot of logistics and goals whilst in the jacuzzi. i know demand a jacuzzi wherever i stay. too much?? naaah. ;)

a glimpse: travel more. meet more photographers. learn. teach. do things that make me happy.

some business news: and this is super, duper hard for me to announce. I am only specializing in PORTRAITURE: seniors, boudoir, head shots, fashion/beauty, ENGAGEMENTS, and WEDDINGS. it's hard for me to turn down clients who are looking for traditional family, children, and newborn portraits. please know i love you all but i know A LOT of amazing photographers that will take such good care of YOU! i only refer the best.

but if you're looking for a lifestyle, fun, non-traditional family portraits, you know who to talk to :)

so, thank you for thinking of me. thank you for considering me. <3

some life news: i will be saying good-bye to rochester (tears) this fall. my new home as of now will be Minneapolis- don't worry, i will visit. words cannot describe my excitement for a new city. new friends. and new life! will i still be doing photography? who the hell knows. but i've got a book of dreams to fulfill and lots of years ahead of me. i'm so thankful to be living my current dream- photography. i know photography will always be in my blood because it has given me amazing opportunities. i hope MPLS likes me :)

This year, i've booked 15 weddings for 2014. I did 3 this month and gots 12 more to go. UNREAL. so blessed. 

speaking of weddings. i'm IN one. i'm actually going to be IN one. I can't wait to see what it's like :) and i can't wait to celebrate all the happiness with my gal pals!

i'm thinking about holding a workshop with some amazing photographers. do you wanna teach a course? email me and we'll talk! i think it'd be so fun to network and meet new people!

ok that's all. hugs to you ALL. thank you for the likes and comments lately. it's good to be back in-season :)

happy tuesday, amigos :)