25th anniversary and 50th birthdays called for a big celebration! I was honored to be asked by Maria & Alfredo to capture a special night. A special night filled with good food and dancing. A lot of dancing! Even I, a person with no rhythm in my bones, wanted to salsa and cha-cha :) I also had the pleasure of meeting family from Puerto Rico! They greeted me in Spanish and I felt a little embarrassed because my four years of Spanish totally failed me at this moment ("Mucho gusto", Amy. DUH!) . But I did what I knew anyone would understand, I smiled from ear to ear.

As M & A danced to "You're the Inspiration", I teared while watching them sing to each other. It was the perfect song because I can tell that they each others biggest supporter.

Something I took away from this night was that their 25 years of love is contagious. Their aura is contagious. I can only hope to impact people's lives as Maria & Alfredo did towards family and friends. And I.

Venue: Rochester Art Center
Catering: Catering by Design