home sweet home

apartment hunting has got to be one of the most frustrating things i've ever done. yet the most fun.

i signed a lease this april to this little studio apartment. when i graduated college i knew that this new chapter was going to invigorating but extremely nerve-racking.  

between you and i. the "real world" freaks me out. being adult. ya know, responsibilities. some days i still feel like a little kid. and it's unreal that time has gone by so fast.  

getting side tracked. flashback to my freshman year of college. i remember walking onto campus with 2 lines of faculty members clapping and welcoming us on as we walked in the middle. it was overwhelming. fast forward 4 years. my classmates and i walked into the arena. with 2 lines of faculty members on both sides clapping and congratulating us. the feeling was indescribable. anyway! just wanted to share now.

now i'm here. in my new place that i adore. 

cheers to life. hope you like my new place!