Instagram Blog Feature

SO sosoosososo sosooss SOOOO excited to shared this post with you today. winter has been so drabby and cold-- i honestly forgot how to "do" photography some days. like, what the hell is this contraption?

speaking of photography and photographs-- are YOU on instagram? i bet you are. one day i had a following spree. i followed about 50 new instagrammers! it got me thinking... i have a regular group of 'grammers that have continued to inspire, impress, and motivate me to capture moments of life with new eyes. 

today i'm sharing with you some of my favorite instagrammers because i love them. and you will too by the end of this post :) 


Jenna Kutcher
IG: jennakutcher

If you're having an off day and you can't seem to find your smile, go to Jenna's profile and be ready to look at your day differently. I don't know about you but I usually scroll through my IG at all hours of the day and Jenna's always posting amazing things from her gorgeous watercolor work, to beautiful scenes of the midwest/coasts, her love for her hubby & pups, and overall her photographs scream, "Love EVERY second of your life because why not?". I remember a post  regarding a rainy day or something to the sort that had made me upset but Jenna shined light in a day that I thought was going to be blah. She always, always has a positive about anything and everything. 

Jenna, you are a beautiful soul. I can't wait to meet you and talk life together.

WHY do you instagram: Okay guys, I seriously LOVE Instagram. As an artist there is nothing greater than scrolling through a visual feed and entering into peoples lives through their eyes. It's a dose of inspiration when you need a little kick in the pants and an time waster when you can't sleep at night. As a photographer it's easy to let our gear collect dust in between paid gigs, when I first started my business I slept with my camera on my nightstand and took it everywhere, documenting everything. Instagram has turned into that for me, it's a challenge to see beauty in the mundane, in the everyday life. It's a reminder that we are constantly surrounded by inspiration - we just have to be looking for it. It has helped me grow as an artist in terms of styling, composing, lighting and pushes me to share my life with others - even the parts that look like I am working from bed (because let's be honest, I am doing that right now!) Instagram connects people from every corner of the early through visual reminders that life is good and full and beautiful - and that is why I do it!

Kimberly Halverson
IG: studiokh

Y'all know KH is my favorite photographer ever. So it shouldn't be a surprise that she'd be one of my favorite instgrammers. I'm often breathless when I come across a photo of the beautiful beaches in AUS and bold colors of her: outfit, eats, groceries, and life. Kimberly inspires me every single day because her creative compositions and attention to detail make me look at a normal setting differently. Her work as a photographer and instagrammer is pure art. I remember Kimberly posting "Professional photos on Instagram is cheating", and I couldn't agree more (though i'm guilty of this) and this is why I appreciate Kimberly's art THAT much more. 

What your eye produces will never, ever stop inspiring me, K.

WHY do you instagram: it's the opportunity to be creative each day with the everyday; it's my playground. and while it's sometimes embarrassing to admit: it reminds me why i ever picked up a camera in the first place.

Emily Griffith
IG: emilygriffith

A few years ago, I found out about thee Emily Griffith. Her photographic work is amazing because it's so emotive which I completely appreciate in photography. Emily is doing the Project 365 on instagram and a lot of her images are of her daughter, Clara June- who is THE MOST CUTEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE PLANET OF EARTH. Everyday I look forward to what Emily is going to post next because it always has me grinning from ear to ear. I admire Emily a lot because I think we both look for emotion in our work and just capturing moments as they are happening. Not posed, not scripted, just right that second. Emily has a beautiful talent for capturing that.

Emily, when (not if) I visit Maine, I need to meet Clara June and we'll go on photo adventures. K? It's a date :)

WHY do you instagram: What I will never forget, my baby will never remember. I want her to have a collection of images from her infancy and childhood that communicate the happiness and joy as well as the struggles that we experience during these magical, fleeting days.  I take tons of photos but doing this Instagram photo a day project has really kept me accountable to manage an otherwise paralyzing task of selecting my favorite images.  Through this project, I am realizing more than ever that I have the capacity to write our story. We really aren't just taking pictures, we are making memories! (Gag, it's so cheesy!) Life is never perfect. My hair is rarely done. The house is usually a mess. There is dirt and tears and sweat. But in the midst of all that, there is ALWAYS something spacious, something simple, something beautiful, something memorable, something that melts me. And that's what I want to remember, what I want to give to Clara and why I Instagram. 

Kadi Tiede
IG: kaditiede

Young artist, mature soul. I met Kadi last fall. We baked cookies, instax'd, and looked each other's secret boards. This girl is going places and I can't wait to see what she does next. Her photography and instagram work has a sweet silence. When I come across her posts, I take a breath and absorb the movement, emotion, and light. There's always a message behind each image and I love that. 

Kadi, I admire your love for art. You inspire me to be a better individual. 

WHY do you instagram: Instagram is my favorite place to collect moments and keep those memories from fading away. I've heard it said that the best camera is the one you have with you and since I never go anywhere without my iPhone, it seems like the simplest way to keep a photo diary of what's happening.

Aminda Villa
IG: amindav

I met Aminda a couple years ago at an amazing workshop. Ever since then, I've been following her work and have fallen off my chair a couple times because it. is. amazing. I know a star when I see one (I sound like Simon Cowell at an American Idol audition or something). Currently she's a travel bug-- from LA to Dublin to London. You have to follow Aminda to keep updated with her travels and her beautiful work. And then go to her website because you just need to.

Aminda- We will work together when you're back because I'm obsessed with you-- in a non-creepy and creepy way :)

WHY do you instagram: I love Instagram because it obviously revolves around photos, even more so than other popular social media sites. When I browse through my Instagram feed, I see photos from everyone I follow, not game requests or status updates. This is so refreshing! I use Instagram to post a little bit of everything... my behind-the-scenes shots, the final shots themselves, pictures of my cats, and other cozy moments . Not only have I made great connections with strangers via Instagram, I've evend booked some gigs from across the country, basically by using hashtags and searching for people with a similar aesthetic as myself. It is definitely one of my favorite creative outlets!

Brock Davis
IG: brockdavis

I believe I found Brock's work through instagram. One of my followers reposted him and told the world to follow him because of his amazing, creative, and innovative work. So I did. And I was not disappointed at all. If there was a word beyond "photography genuis"-- Brock would be it. I was going through Brock's instagram profile and noticed that he has 117k followers!!! And to my shock, he resides in MPLS. What?! 

Brock, I hope to meet you soon as you live about 1.5hrs away from me. You genius, you.

WHY do you instagram: When I started using Instagram, I was curious if it would be possible to take conceptual photos with an iPhone while staying true to the immediacy that is inherent with mobile photography. When I have an idea I get excited and curious as to how the final image will look. I want to execute it quickly so that the spontaneity of the idea stays attached to the image. Shooting with my phone and sharing on Instagram is ideal for this process.