k + t + baby

i finally got one of my talented, beautiful, warm-hearted friends in front of my camera. katie is a friend that everyone should have. NEEDS to have. it's inspiring to have someone so full of positivity and good energy around. when i met tommy at his farm. there was absolutely no question that these two are perfect for each other. i read all about him on facebook and was special enough to get a text from katie saying ( sorry K, i'm gonna embarrass ya little ;) ), "he is such a gentleman!!! his name is tommy speer. he is a farmer & a pro mma fighter. I mean I'm talking about GENTLEMAN! & the most beautiful blue eyes i have ever seen!!!!".

yeah. tell me THAT'S not a girl who is in love. i don't know who anyone else who makes katie smiles the way she does. so happy for them. 

as you know, their baby will be here in October and i am so excited to meet him <3 us four had an amazing love filled, laugh filled, smile filled session. 

see how beautiful they are. 

also tommy's cows made an appearance :)