katlyn and i have a usual date when she's in roch or i'm in the cities. caw-fee. today i got to introduce katlyn to a new coffee shop in downtown rochester called Press - Coffee & Tea Lounge. it's this lounge-y, quiet, cozy, home-y coffee shop that you all need to go to. i love their french press and caramel cappuccino. rochester definitely needed a place like this because it closes at 11pm! it's a great place to study, read, chat with friends, etc. so you KNOW when i go to a really cute place with beautiful people, i'm gonna whip my camera out.

this weekend was a bit overwhelming. in a good way though. i was surrounded by friends and memories. and it got me thinking... thank GOD for these people in my life. i rarely talk about my life or anything personal for that matter on my page or blog but i'm gonna share something amazing. 

towards the end of the school year, my anxiety hit rock bottom. like i'm GRADUATING. COLLEGE. what? when the hell did that happen? real life back handed me and it hurt. i didn't know what i was suppose to do with my life. and i wish i could've avoided that thought but everyone and their mom was asking me so it sent my anxiety outta this world. i needed guidance. guidance in my life. i just didn't know who to talk to or turn to for advice. 

then one day, i texted katlyn. i asked her to help me with my journey in finding God. i felt so lost. it was a foreign subject to me. my text read as following, "I'm more confused with life now than ever". she asked why. i go on saying that i was scared for my future as a photographer and that i wanted to find my spiritual side. that i really need The Lord. she then sent me verses to read.  

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your understanding. Seek his will is all you do, and he will show you which path to take. (Proverbs 3:5, 6 NLT) 

i bought the bible a week later. and since then katlyn sends me verses 1-3 times a week. she prayed for me as i was reaching graduation. 

a couple days before graduation, i had a couple jobs lined up but i took a monstrous, enormous, giant, huge step to turn them down and pursue photography full time. and i will never ever regret that decision. I've never been so happy. so calm. so patient. and it's because i gave my LIFE to the LORD. He knows what we're going to do before we know. i trust Him with my life. there are still times where i'm hesitant with letting God do His work because i've always been a planner but i'm confident that no matter the stress, drama, hardship, everything happens for a reason. and that reason is God. 

i believe God knew that i was lost and He sent me katlyn to comfort me. and for that i am forever grateful. 

i think everyone needs a katlyn. if you don't have one, go get one. 

katlyn. you'll never know how much i appreciate your company, your time that you'veinvested in me in times of need, and most of all our friendship. i can only hope to spread my faith and love for God onto others as you did for me. LOVE YOU

lots of pictures. but isn't she the cutest??