studio kh

this is one time (at band camp) i was in front of the camera with my boyfriend Zack! i loooove looking back at these and jesus, we were sooooo young. i remember i was a freshman or sophomore in college when i found Studio KH. my jaw about dropped and my eyes watered. i thought, "OH MY GOD. her work is amazing". at that time i wasn't photographing professionally, rather dabbling with my 'nice camera' (those photos are fun to look back at too, not). but i recall looking at her work and knew that i wanted to be a photographer. Kimberly of Studio KH is inspiring, funny, sweet, beautiful, and awesome to work with. i thought i would share some goodies of us. i haven't opened this folder for awhile now but today i decided to reminisce and laughed out laugh hahah. ah, so young.

kimberly-- thank you for a great time and memories to look back at for years and years. i heart you.