Three Nails Workshop- Engagement

3 dreams came true during the Three Nails Workshop this past week:

1. Pool shoot
2. Lana Del Rey inspired
3. Fashion shoot

i'm so excited to share my experience.

forever ago, my friend bri shared a workshop that Hunter from Three Nails Photography was hosting. we thought about it for a few days then one day bri texted me and asked me what i thought-- i said, "let's do it".

a day before leaving MN, we found out the theme. i was at lunch with my boyfriend as i was reading it. i gasped louder than i ever had. LANA DEL REY. 



wait what

after calming down, i knew it was going to be so amazing. 

bri and i left on sunday, stayed in AK for the night (thanks Hari & Ilona) then arrived in Shreveport, LA. well, made a few stops at some gorgeous sites-- may or may not have trespassed :)

the weather had not been the best and it changed up the schedule a bit but everything worked in our favor the next 3 days.

day 1- we learned everything from marketing, social media, email inquiries. we had portfolio 1-on-1 with hunter and that was awesome because i got to show some of my work and got feedback.

day 2-  we met meka & madi (model). we got a make up lesson from meka (she is so fab-- you don't even know) we learned the products she was using and how to create the 60's look. after makeup and hair, we saw hunter's vision unfolding. the lace dress, gold veil, shoes. i was just excited to start SHOOTING. we shot the bridal portraits first which i won't go into detail right now as you'll see it soon :) 

day 3- i don't even know whose house it was but we met there because we used their pool for the engagement shoot. i was soooo excited for this shoot because if you've ever seen "blue jeans" by lana del rey-- you'd understand. it's a beautiful video! while waiting for hair and makeup, our "groom" arrived. dez duron, ya'll. he was on season 3 of The Voice and we were all so excited to work with him!! on may 15th, 2014 dez duron learned how to float. so proud <3 needless to say, this engagement shoot was a DREAM. after the engagement shoot, we went to the Dixie Gin to finish up with the wedding shoot. when we arrived, hunter's dad was building a 1960's set and the final result was SO good. I won't talk much about the wedding shoot until i post those images. 

so today, i'm featuring the engagement shoot!!! enjoy :)

Three Nails Photography
Meka with Motives
Models: Madi Haines & Dez Duron