this blog post doesn't have enough space to even begin to describe this family. i am overjoyed when the tonak's come back to the midwest to visit family. because that means annual family photos! their spirit is contagious. their love is endless. i'm so so blessed to know them. they welcomed a baby girl about 8 weeks ago. Blythe. she's a beauty. she is a blessing.

this session was extra special. not only did i meet Blythe but i was reunited with Emma's spirit. i missed her so much but that went away because she gave us the most beautiful sunset. i knew she was there. i just knew. God knew that we were meeting today. and He sent her to us this night.

for funsies, i have a few photos from other family sessions integrated into this blog post. to make it a super tonak post :) love watching this family grow. also, check out "the many faces of judah". this boy is so handsome!

tonak family: you'll never know much you've impacted my life. you're forever in my heart. i think of you all the time and secretly hope that you come back to the midwest because we love and miss you :) 

here is jake, rachel, judah, emma, and blythe <3