Remember the times when you pulled out that shoe box or photo album with beautiful old photographs of your family? It happens a few times a year and personally, it's one of my favorite activities with my family. We'd share funny stories and wonderful memories as we found more gems.

As years go on, we find ourselves really holding on to these captured memories because it's all we have. 

I want you to think about this, we are in a digital world. Pictures are snapped within seconds and kept on a device until 1) our storage is up and we transfer them to another device 2) we upload them on social media. Digital world, guys. 

If you're anything like me, I rarely print photographs anymore. Just last week, I printed 4 years worth of Instagram photographs! With technology developing and failing at the same time, we cannot lose our tangible memories.

Since picking up my camera to today, portraiture has been the genre I adore most. There's *something* about a portrait of someone's twinkle in their eyes, or hearing the laugh of someone just by looking at the photograph, or simply the face of a beautiful, strong woman.

I bet a photograph of your grandmother, grandfather, mother, etc. pops in your head right now. You can picture Grandma June's portrait in your hands right now. It's TIMELESS, it's memorable, it's a photograph that you show your children because you're so proud to have called her yours. It's her pie you make at family get togethers. It's her bedtime story she read to you as a little child. 

Isn't that beyond amazing how YEARS of memories are in ONE photograph? 

I want to ask you something...

Do YOU have a portrait of yourself; a photograph that you will pass on to generations to come, a photograph that shows not only your outer beauty but also exudes your inner beauty, a photograph that makes you proud when you're looking at it? Not on your phone or Facebook. But a framed portrait that is essentially a memory holder.

Here's where gem. comes in.

gem. started when I was thinking about what really feeds my soul as an artist. And it is simply this... seeing you smile when I show you what your family and friends see, the BEAUTIFUL woman that you are.

So honey, we might do a little dancing, we might belly laugh, and we might eat some cheese. 

But what I know for sure is that you are one in a million. You are a gem.

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