week 21

I went into the studio the day before I gave my hair a good chop. It was going to be strictly an intimate, B&W hair photo. But nothing was working. 

Then I wanted to play around with motion so I lowered the shutter speed and got this AIRY, light-filled image. I run out to my car and grabbed tulle and flowers I used for a shoot month ago.

Ba-da-bing. Once again, better than my initial vision. 


Week 13- March 23rd, 2014

Lordy lord. I'm about 3-4 weeks behind. 

I have attempted to keep up but I was unimpressed with the work that was being produced and I refuse to settle.

This past week, I took a vacation for myself to visit friends and relax. 

(to be continued.)

thank you to my love lisa for shooting this series <3

Week 11- March 9th, 2014

Alas, I'm a week behind due to being sick and a nasty ass cold sore on my face. Needless to say, wasn't feeling up taking a portrait.
Today is actually the 16th which is sunday, which basically I should be uploading two portraits. Which I took today :) -- i got this.
I got a new lens and haven't gotten to use it much so I thought I'd try it for today's project. Difficult little bugger it is...
I tried to make Week 11 different from Week 12 but it's similar so I just did a series. 

i think my picture frames are so distracting but i was too lazy to put a backdrop up/photoshop it/didn't care. I'll remember this next time when i have the urge to buy 2305820934 pictures frames and cover my entire apt with picture frames.

Vanity Pt. 1 March 9th, 2014

week 10- March 2nd, 2014

felt/still feeling uninspired by this week, i reached out to kimberly halverson to see what i should do today. (see photo below). 


one would possibly say, "oh that's easy.. black". me on the other hand-- i went a little crazy. black and white photo? black makeup? black wall? black dress? WHAT NEEDS TO BE BLACK? 

being the literal person that  i am. i dig for a black dress and find a composition that can convey darkness. sure it sounds easy but it took A LOT to get to this point.

I was certain that this photo would be b&w but i recently got new filters and i was *trying* to figure which b&w filter i want... yes, there's more than ONE b&w look. 

i've been going on a grain-frenzy lately so this portrait portrays the classic times. 

and i think if kimberly didn't say "noir", i wouldn't have approached it with a LBD, curled hair, and a suggestive pose because film noir popped in my head!

so there ya have it. week 10's portrait. it includes ample liquification (though them curves are natural, i just needed  to tighten up some areas ;) ), heinous photoshop work, and editing the bathroom garbage out.

hope i sorta did ya proud kim :)

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 6.18.20 PM.png

Noir March 2nd, 2014


Week 9- February 23rd, 2014

Sorry but I'm baffled that I've been producing before the "deadline" (every sunday). I hope I can keep it up!

It's Thursday and I was panicking on WHAT is going to inspired this week's portrait. SO many emotions regarding today's blizzard. Happy because I got work off. Pissed because I have to shovel again. Ecstatic because I have two free days.

The last time it blizzard, I was so jealous of everyone's snowy photos. I was not going to pass this blizzard without snapping a photo or a hundred.

NOTE: the power just went out for half a second. and lost what i had been typing.. haofjsdlfkj!!!

this is the first outdoor photo for project 52!!! even though it was right on my porch, I still hyperventilated because the single thought that someone else could be watching me FREAKED me out. but i pushed through it like a champ, yo.

Blizzard February 23rd, 2014


Week 8- February 16th, 2014

I'm totally on a roll. Again, this one is uber early but looking at my schedule for the weekend and I have no idea when I'll do a portrait. SO today I just threw on some sunglasses and clip-on earrings! I've always wanted to do something fashion forward but I still don't know how to work my face like the models do. One day I'll figure it out! 

I started shooting and of course I end up with some sorta portrait. I wonder when I'll be able to push myself conceptually. But then again, there are no rules. 

No concept until I saw what I was producing. I'm too embarrassed to say what drove this portrait. For now, you can wonder.

ps! first diptych!
pps! TWO MONTHS since I've started. how insane
ppps! what is this editing? idk but it was a happy accident.

Regal February 16, 2014