Project freaking 52- Week 1- December 29th, 2014

so i made a bucket list and it included Project 52. Where i photograph myself for 52 weeks. it was a bit hard to decide to photograph myself because frankly, i hate looking at myself. 2014 will be the year i am confident in myself. i don't even know how this works because i've seen so many projects and i'm like, "do i HAVE to take photographs of myself?! do i have to think of a deep, deep concept? what the hell do i take photos of????" and then i told myself to shut up and get some balls. 

i decided to photograph myself in a way that reflects me and how i'm feeling that week or whatever. if i come up with a concept, great. if i don't, whatever. there are no rules. rules are dumb. and i don't like to follow rules. (i sound like a mega idiot but it's who i am). 

before i share my first photo. here's my 2014 bucket list. well before i share that... this is kept a secret. no one will be able to find this page until i post publicly. but I'm sure i'll send this link to some close friends! i'm not sharing because this is for ME. and if there are X amount of people looking at this, i'll feel pressured to create for other people than myself. ya know what i mean? so when most of you see this it'll be December 29th. and HOPEFULLY everything will be crossed off my list.

bucket list (probably add more later):
-shoot a music video
-visit 3 diff states
-underwater shoot
-do a swap shoot with a photog i admire
-be published in a nationwide blog/website/magazine
-photograph a celebrity
-cry of pure happiness
-go abroad
-lose 30lbs
-paint 10 paintings
-draw a realistic photo
-eat something i've never eaten
-dedicate a day filled with creativity

ONTO the first photo of Project52. this image was nothing like that i had started doing. didn't think i would be shirtless and looking out my window. but it's what happened and i couldn't have thought of a better image to start the project. it's going to be a new year soon. a new fresh start. 2013 was rough and today i felt that it just completely stripped me. to my bare self. there's nothing left of me to give. i'm trying to find the light in me because some days are dark. today i found it as i looked at my sun-soaked curtains. i found myself. and of course, i couldn't decide color or BW. so i will show both for my satisfaction :)


Finding Light 12/29/13