Week 3- 1/12/14

I almost forgot to take this week's photo. So I scrambled trying to think of something and then I paused. I told myself that I would not rush and stress myself over this project because I'm not trying to impress anyone or trying to beat a deadline. 

With my greasy ass hair and makeup-less face. I tried a couple different ideas but they were butt ugly. So I was fixing my hair in the bathroom when I looked at my shower and said, "well, I've wanted to use that texture for a photo". 

My camera battery was hanging on for dear life (when it starts blinking, you know you're in trouble). And then it dies. That was probably fate.

I'm gonna be completely honest. There is no concept, no story for this photo. I can't even TRY to fake a story for you. But I'm intrigued at the story that COULD be told through this image. 

Submerged January 12th, 2014