Week 2-- 1/5/14

ALL RIGHT! I made it to the second week. But I'm not sure if it counts because I originally put 2013... 

I bought a wedding dress at Goodwill last week and I was almost gonna walk out without it. I saw a girl hold it and said I NEED to see that dress. Stalked her for a bit. Saw it on her. And said GIMME!!!!! She ended up putting it back on the rack and I snatched it up. I took a closer look. Trying to decide if I NEED it. And I did. Bought it and shot in it.

It sort of has a concept? I tried to think of something meaningful but alls I can think of is that I want light, bright, red lips, airy-ness, and glam. I think this is the first time my vision came true. In fact, it was better than I had envisioned. How 'bout them apples? 

Concept: I thought it would be fun to play the role of a bride. I channeled my inner bride and shot purely with emotion. While shooting, I thought this was perfect because my work IS emotion. It's what I call a beautiful photo. It's what I look for when I work. At first I looked like a ding dong and thought I could pretend to see my husband (Leonardo DiCaprio) through the window and I was so excited to see him. I even put on a fake engagement ring. Like peering out the window. So stupid. THEN. I reviewed my photos and one jumped out at me. PURE emotion. In the moment. I see "him". This is it. You're the one (photo and hubby ;) ). Bing bang boom. Week dos. I'm actually loving this image. SO PUMPED!!!!

Him January 5th, 2014