Week 5-- January 26, 2014

I had TRUE BEAUTY sessions this past weekend and I was so happy with how they turned out! I met beautiful women who were so nervous (who wouldn't be though?!) but they are such liars because each one of them KILLED their session. I squealed, made obscene noises, freaked out, and gasped. The images produced are absolutely gorgeous. 

I appreciated that they opened up to me to photograph them. I think everyone is beautiful and it's my job to show them that.

this weeks portrait was taken in the hotel room that i shot the TRUE BEAUTY sessions in. it was a beautiful room. light-soaked and color are two things that just makes me swoon when i shoot. on instagram i posted a photo of myself with my arm exposed. i hatehatehatehatehate my arms. HATE. I thought i was a major hypocrite to say natural beauty is the way to go but i was critiquing my own body. 

i vowed to not complain about my body because if i'm unhappy with it, i can fix it. I recently finished a 12 week fitness program and lost 1.5" off my arm. though the bat wings are still there. it's ONE AND A HALF inches off. like WHAT? i once dubbed myself as "amy, the girl who cannot lose weight no matter what she did". I was obviously proven wrong. so instead of being a debbie downer... i decided to own it and show my followers my bare arms. oofta! 


True Beauty January 26th, 2014