Week 8- February 16th, 2014

I'm totally on a roll. Again, this one is uber early but looking at my schedule for the weekend and I have no idea when I'll do a portrait. SO today I just threw on some sunglasses and clip-on earrings! I've always wanted to do something fashion forward but I still don't know how to work my face like the models do. One day I'll figure it out! 

I started shooting and of course I end up with some sorta portrait. I wonder when I'll be able to push myself conceptually. But then again, there are no rules. 

No concept until I saw what I was producing. I'm too embarrassed to say what drove this portrait. For now, you can wonder.

ps! first diptych!
pps! TWO MONTHS since I've started. how insane
ppps! what is this editing? idk but it was a happy accident.

Regal February 16, 2014