Week 9- February 23rd, 2014

Sorry but I'm baffled that I've been producing before the "deadline" (every sunday). I hope I can keep it up!

It's Thursday and I was panicking on WHAT is going to inspired this week's portrait. SO many emotions regarding today's blizzard. Happy because I got work off. Pissed because I have to shovel again. Ecstatic because I have two free days.

The last time it blizzard, I was so jealous of everyone's snowy photos. I was not going to pass this blizzard without snapping a photo or a hundred.

NOTE: the power just went out for half a second. and lost what i had been typing.. haofjsdlfkj!!!

this is the first outdoor photo for project 52!!! even though it was right on my porch, I still hyperventilated because the single thought that someone else could be watching me FREAKED me out. but i pushed through it like a champ, yo.

Blizzard February 23rd, 2014