Week 7- February 9th, 2014

Technically I didn't take this on the 9th :X I took it on the 5th. I'll tell you why I took it so early. I bought an AMAZING, beautiful, deep emerald green with hints of blue fainting couch I knew I need to take a portrait with it ASAP. Conveniently, I got called off of work so I said, "Let's do this!". 

I did a little research on fainting couches and it's been around since late 1700's-early 1800's! The term "fainting couch" derived when women wore corsets really right that it would make them faint.

I am so excited to have this piece that has so much history behind it. 

I will need to take another portrait showing the whole beauty of the couch :)

To begin, I bought this lovely dress a couple years ago when I was in the "fitness binge". Ladies, you know what I mean, "I'm gonna buy this a smaller size so I can fit in it later". Am I right? This is one purchase. And it looks better today than it did :) SO i'm a happy gal. I found this gorgeous headband at SAVERS. I LOVED the sweeping beads. Gatsby much? YES. I also bought my (current favorite) ring at savers. Can I just add "Professional Thrifter" to my career??

I woke this morning with my hair just tangled and unwashed so at first it was in a pony tail and I teased it but didn't like what it was doing with the photos. So i wrapped it into a bun :) a HUGE bun. I'm usually a lazy bum so I just put on foundation and lipstick. I photoshopped the eyelashes :X haha. 

I always love the juxtaposition between modern and vintage. And my vision was to create a Gatsby's inspired portrait with a modern twist. Again, I believe the result was better than my vision. It's the best when that happens :) 

ps. so this currently is a secret. no one knows except for a handful of people. i'm thinking about exhibiting my Project 52 when I'm done. Not sure who will go. Not sure if it'd even be a hit. it gives me straight anxiety about showcasing 52 photos of my face to family, friends, and strangers. but how exciting would it be so pull a Beyonce and be like, "What up, i took 52 self portraits and you didn't even know about it". I think it'd be totally badass.

West Egg February 9th, 2014