week 10- March 2nd, 2014

felt/still feeling uninspired by this week, i reached out to kimberly halverson to see what i should do today. (see photo below). 


one would possibly say, "oh that's easy.. black". me on the other hand-- i went a little crazy. black and white photo? black makeup? black wall? black dress? WHAT NEEDS TO BE BLACK? 

being the literal person that  i am. i dig for a black dress and find a composition that can convey darkness. sure it sounds easy but it took A LOT to get to this point.

I was certain that this photo would be b&w but i recently got new filters and i was *trying* to figure which b&w filter i want... yes, there's more than ONE b&w look. 

i've been going on a grain-frenzy lately so this portrait portrays the classic times. 

and i think if kimberly didn't say "noir", i wouldn't have approached it with a LBD, curled hair, and a suggestive pose because film noir popped in my head!

so there ya have it. week 10's portrait. it includes ample liquification (though them curves are natural, i just needed  to tighten up some areas ;) ), heinous photoshop work, and editing the bathroom garbage out.

hope i sorta did ya proud kim :)

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 6.18.20 PM.png

Noir March 2nd, 2014