Hey, hi, and hello!
I'm amy, nice to meet you!

You are most likely here because you need a spicy, new headshot, you’re newly engaged and in the preliminary stages of wedding planning, or to see some eye candy.

Whatever it may be, I’m truly honored that you’re here.

If you’ve been looking around, you’ll find that I create imagery with a generous splash of yummy natural light, emotion that’ll punch ya right in the heart, and a sprinkle of timeless romance. 

It’s not everyday that you’re done up and being photographed. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. You’re in luck… I’m here to help with anything and everything from outfits, locations, vendor recommendations, posing and direction, timeline, and cake tasting (just kidding, not really). But seriously, I’ll be as involved as you’d like me to be! I want to be someone you can count on.

Past clients have shared that I am easy to work with, friendly, thoughtful, patient, and enthusiastic — lol, you'd think this is a dating profile. It may as well be because I’d love buy you a drink, get to know you, and I’ll even ask you what you’re wearing. Too much?

Dry humor aside, what I’m trying to say is that I’m passionate about connection. More than anything, I strive to be a friend (w/ a wealth of photography knowledge and years of experience) that you can completely trust your memories with. I ensure that the only thing you have to think about the day of is how damn good you look and most importantly that you’re having fun. 

When I’m not photographing, I spend my time with Zack, my high school sweetheart and husband. We binge watch Forensic Files until we fall asleep, salivate for some good ol’ BBQ, and walk around neighborhoods for future home inspiration.

I am fascinated by self-help and mindfulness practices. I'm all about living a hygge lifestyle — full of intention, quality, and coziness. I’m a maaaajor foodie. Like, I’m already thinking about what I’ll have for dinner tomorrow night. 2000’s hip-hop is my playlist for productivity or when I want to bust a move (always). I’ve been a proud Lip Smacker chapstick user for as long as I can remember. I love wandering aimlessly in antique/thrift shops and flea markets. And the most famous person I’ve met was John Cena. 

In the off season, I’m usually somewhere around the world adding to my ring collection. My dream trip came true in Nov. 2017 when Zack and I visited Santorini, Greece. Yes, it is even more breathtakingly beautiful in person.

I'd love to get to know you, your vision, what makes your heart happy, and your favorite food.

Based in Minneapolis, MN and available to travel.